Wild, but worth cultivation

Chenopodium Album belongs to the Amaranthaceae family. It is an edible green also known as goosefoot, wild spinach, and lambs quarters. I first learned of this plant when it popped up in the garden in the spring of 2015 after we purchased a dump truck full of soil to fill our new raised beds in the garden. It was a welcome surprise. We quickly learned that this plant was not only edible, but as nutritious as spinach, hence one of its nicknames wild spinach.

Prompted by an Anthropology class on Native America and its inhabitants, I have learned more about goosefoot and the indigenous peoples who ate it.

Potawatomi and Miami peoples called it  “koko’cîbag” pronounced as “go kosh beg”. They would eat it raw and cooked. They used it to make bitter medicines taste better and to ward off and treat scurvy. Check out the nutritional information below; you’ll see that this plant offers up some serious vitamin A and C!



A surprise goosefoot growing in a raised bed


Chenpodium Nutrition


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