animals, plants and humans.

arched pvc arbor/raised beds with onion flower blossoms. elderberry blossoms in backround spring 2017
arched pvc arbor/raised beds with onion flower blossoms. elderberry blossoms in backround spring 2017
volunteer tulip tree (state tree)
volunteer tulip tree transplanted from front to back yard spring 2017 backyard seems to be good spot for tree. tree should grow tall and straight. tulip tree is state tree for Indiana.


raised beds spring 2017
raised beds spring 2017




About us

About us

Garden Guardian with Cardinal
Garden Guardian with Cardinal symbolizes the intersection between nature and art in the garden.

ORGANIC: relating to or derived from living matter

SAVAGE: of an animal or force of nature

Hi, I’m Katie, and this is the Muncie Permaculture Project. Here you’ll find pictures of plants, wildlife, Permaculture techniques, and art that promotes nature. I like to stay busy painting, reading sociology/anthropology/ethnobotany texts, hiking, mushroom hunting, and exploring my surroundings on bike. I’m currently a Sociology MA student at Ball State University where I’m being trained to collect data and study the social world. I hope to help people understand the importance of working with nature, rather than against it.


Katie Profile

“If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive“. -Audre Lorde

Raised beds and elders 2016
Raised beds and Elderberry Fedge (Food Hedge) along the fence, hops growing above on line. 2016
hugelkultur 1 (before 2 and 3 were made) 2015.


evolve and revolve
Swale and Hugelkultur areas. 2017

My partner is artist Aaron Leif Nicholson, founder of Culture Maker Design Studio. He designed a lot of the garden infrastructure, including the hugelkultur systems we have in place. Visit Aaron’s art website: aaronleifnicholson.com

The picture below shows his 10 foot, 700 lb sculpture entitled Refuse or Refuge. It is installed at the Stevens Point Sculpture Park in Wisconsin.

“Without trees, we cannot inhabit the earth.”
― Bill Mollison

Refuse or Refuge by ALN
Refuse or Refuge Aaron Leif Nicholson Completed 2017